Welcome to the EU-centre!

The Salvation Army's EU Centre was launched in 2014. It is a social center with day activities aimed at the target group of vulnerable EU citizens, third-country nationals and asylum-seeking women and men (18 years or older) who reside in the Stockholm area. We are located on Kungsholmen in Stockholm.

Frälsningsarmén Kungsholmen entré

About us

The center is wellcoming EU citizens and third-country residents (people with permanent residence permits in another EU country) and asylum seekers. People who have travelled to Sweden to seek a better life for themselves and their families and to exercise their right to free movement within the EU.

To meet the needs of this group the Salvation Army's EU center opened at Hornstull in 2014 and later the center moved to Fridhemsplan in 2016. The EU-Center is part of a collaboration with the City of Stockholm and other non-profit organizations joining together in a public partnership.

The staff at the EU centre speak many different languages such as Swedish, English, Romanian, Romani Chib, Polish, Spanish, French, Ukrainian, Russian, Arabic, Turkish and German. In addition, all employees have an experience in working with safety and watching for warning signs in guests who do not take care of themselves.

In our daily activities, we offer help with basic needs, such as having a warm meal, a shower, wash your clothes and get a moment of rest. Here you can use a computer. We also offer different kinds of advice, job coaching, community information and support in contact with authorities. The goal is to help our guests to safeguard their conditions, rights, break isolation, exclusion, vulnerability in order to best integrate into Swedish society.


Our goals

  • Create conditions for our visitors to be able to integrate into Swedish society.
  • Breaking isolation, alienation and vulnerability.
  • Help our visitors to safeguard their conditions and rights.


How we help

We offer our visiting the following services:

  • Basic needs support (food, possibility of shower and laundry).
  • Information about the rights and obligations of the target group in Sweden.
  • Advice (job coaching, community and healthcare information, support in contacts with authorities).
  • Support calls.
  • A specific support program for people who have been or are at risk of exploitation and human trafficking.